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About Pursue Scholars

Pursue Scholars holistically (spiritually, socially, and financially) supports emerging urban Christian leaders in their pursuit of higher education. Pursue Scholars is a movement of students who pursue tomorrow.

Our staff networks with local churches and para-church organizations to identify students that fit our program. Here we look for students who are in discipleship and serving in their local church.

Financial Support

Our Scholars receive an annual scholarship of $500-5000 (or even a full full-year scholarship through the Act Six program – Find out more). Also, scholars are able to apply for additional funding for educational and mission trips.

Leadership Programs

We provide resources that will help further enhance our scholars’ effectiveness as leaders. This support comes by way of consistent correspondence, Pursue Life Coaches, care packages, Scholar Retreats, networking, and more.

Spiritual Support

We minister to our scholars by consistently praying for them alongside our network, and we also help in their discipleship process by partnering with their mentors.

Lifelong Friendships

Many of our scholars build strong new relationships with people of diverse background. This helps them engage different perspectives and further strengthen their leadership skills.

Social Support

Understanding that the road to a successful career comes through networking, we seek to provide a career network that allows our scholars to grow in their area of expertise.

Professional Skills

Not only do we help scholars build a resume that is both fresh and professional, we help you find the opportunities to build your professional skills such as event planning, fundraising, and personal branding.

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